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VISUAL BASIC® 5 in 24 Hours


Part I Introducing Visual Basic

Hour 1 Visual Basic at Work

Hour 2 Analyzing Visual Basic Programs

Hour 3 Controls and Properties

Hour 4 Examining Labels, Buttons, and Text Boxes

Part II Coding the Details

Hour 5 Putting Code into Visual Basic

Hour 6 Improving Code: Message and Input Boxes

Hour 7 Making Decisions

Hour 8 Visual Basic Looping

Part III Putting Code to Work

Hour 9 Combining Code and Controls

Hour 10 List Boxes and Data Lists

Hour 11 Additional Controls

Hour 12 Dialog Box Basics

Part IV Programming with Data

Hour 13 Modular Programming

Hour 14 Built-in Functions Save Time

Hour 15 Visual Basic Database Basics

Hour 16 Printing with Visual Basic

Part V Sprucing Up Programs

Hour 17 Menus in VB Applications

Hour 18 The Graphic Image Controls

Hour 19 Toolbars and More Graphics

Hour 20 Writing Correct Applications

Part VI Advancing Visual Basic Applications

Hour 21 Visual Basic and ActiveX

Hour 22 Object Basics

Hour 23 Distributing Your Applications

Hour 24 Online Visual Basic

Part VII Appendixes

A Operator Precedence


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D This Books CD-ROM