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Teach Yourself

HTML 3.2 in 24 Hours


Part I Your First Web Page

Hour 1 Welcome to HTML
2 Creating a Web Page
3 Linking to Other Web Pages
4 Publishing Your HTML Pages

Part II Web Page Text

Hour 5 Text Formatting and Alignment
6 Font Control and Special Characters
7 Arranging Text in Lists
8 Intra-Page and E-mail Links

Part III Web Page Graphics

Hour 9 Putting Images on a Web Page
10 Creating Web Page Images
11 Making Pages Display Quickly
12 Creating Animated Graphics

Part IV Web Page Design

Hour 13 Backgrounds and Color Control
14 Page Design and Layout
15 Image Maps
16 Advanced Layout with Tables

Part V Interactive Web Pages

Hour 17 Interactive Layout with Frames
18 Creating HTML Forms
19 Embedding Multimedia in Web Pages
20 Scripting, Applets, and ActiveX

Part VI Building a Web Site

Hour 21 Organizing Multiple Pages
22 HTML Tags for Site Management
23 Web Site Authoring Tools
24 Preparing for the Future of HTML

Part V Appendixes

A HTML Learning Resources on the Internet
B HTML Quick Reference