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Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days,
Second Edition


Week 1 at a Glance

Day 1 Getting Started

Day 2 The Parts of a C++ Program

Day 3 Variables and Constants

Day 4 Expressions and Statements

Day 5 Functions

Day 6 Basic Classes

Day 7 More Program Flow

Week 1 in Review

Week 2 at a Glance

Day 8 Pointers

Day 9 References

Day 10 Advanced Functions

Day 11 Arrays

Day 12 Inheritance

Day 13 Polymorphism

Day 14 Special Classes and Functions

Week 2 in Review

Week 3 at a Glance

Day 15 Advanced Inheritance

Day 16 Streams

Day 17 The Preprocessor

Day 18 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

Day 19 Templates

Day 20 Exceptions and Error Handling

Day 21 Whats Next

Week 3 in Review


A Operator Precedence

B C++ Keywords

C Binary and Hexadecimal

D Answers