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Appendix A

MIME Types and File Extensions

MIME types are available at:


Table A.1. MIME types and httpd support.

What It is (If Noted)
File Extensions (ncSA)
File Extensions (CERN)
application/acad AutoCAD drawing files  dwg, DWG
application/clariscad ClarisCAD files  ccAD
application/drafting MATRA Prelude drafting  DRW
application/dxf DXF (AutoCAD)  dxf, DXF
application/i-deas SDRC I-DEAS files  unv, UNV
application/iges IGES graphics format  igs, iges, IGs, IGES
Uninterpreted binarybin bin
application/oda  oda oda
application/pdf PDF (Adobe Acrobat)pdf pdf
application/postscript PostScript, encapsulated PostScript, Adobe Illustrator  ai, PS, ps, eps
application/pro_eng PTC Pro/ENGINEERpart prt, PRT
application/rtf Rich Text Formatrtf rtf
application/set SET (French CAD standard)  set, SET
application/sla Stereolithography  stl, STL
application/solids MATRA Prelude Solids  SOL
application/STEP ISO-10303 STEPdata files  stp, STP, step, STEP
application/vda VDA-FS surface data  vda, VDA
application/x-mif FrameMaker MIF formatmif  
application/x-csh C-shell scriptcsh csh
application/x-dvi TeX dvidvi dvi
application/x-hdf ncSA HDF data filehdf hdf
application/x-latex LaTeX sourcelatex latex
application/x-netcdf Unidata netCDFnc, cdf nc, cdf
application/x-sh Bourne shell scriptsh sh
application/x-tcl TCL scripttcl tcl
application/x-tex TeX sourcetex tex
application/x-texinfo Texinfo (emacs)texinfo, texi texinfo, texi
application/x-troff trofft, tr, roff t, tr, roff
troff with MAN macrosman man
troff with ME macrosme me
troff with MS macrosms ms
WAIS sourcesrc src
application/zip ZIP archivezip  
application/x-bcpio Old binary CPIObcpio bcpio
application/x-cpio POSIX CPIOcpio cpio
application/x-gtar GNU targtar gtar
application/x-shar Shell archiveshar shar
application/x-sv4cpio SVR4 CPIOsv4cpio sv4cpio
application/x-sv4crc SVR4 CPIO with CRCsv4crc sv4crc
application/x-tar 4.3BSD tar formattar tar
application/x-ustar POSIX tar formatustar ustar
audio/basic Basic audio (usually _-law) au, snd au, snd
audio/x-aiff AIFF audioaif, aiff, aifc aif, aiff, aifc
audio/x-wav Windows WAVE audiowav wav
image/gif GIF imagegif gif
image/ief Image Exchange formatief ief
image/jpeg JPEG imagejpeg, jpg jpe jpg, JPG, JPE, jpe, JPEG, jpeg
image/tiff TIFF imagetiff, tif tiff, tif
image/x-cmu-raster CMU raster ras ras
PBM Anymap formatpnm pnm
PBM Bitmap formatpbm pbm
PBM Graymap formatpgm pgm
PBM Pixmap formatppm ppm
image/x-rgb RGB imagergb rgb
image/x-xbitmap X bitmapxbm xbm
image/x-xpixmap X pixmapxpm xpm
image/x-xwindowdump X Windows dump (xwd) format xwd xwd
multipart/x-zip PKZIP archive  zip
multipart/x-gzip GNU zIP archive  gzip
text/html HTMLhtml html, htm
text/plain Plain texttxt txt, g, h, C, cc, hh, m, f90
text/richtext MIME rich textrtx rtx
text/tab-separated- values Text with tab-separated valuestsv tsv
text/x-setext Struct-enhanced textetx etx
video/mpeg MPEG videompeg, mpg, mpe MPG, mpg, MPE, mpe, MPEG, mpeg
video/quicktime QuickTime videoqt, mov qt, mov
video/x-msvideo Microsoft Windows videoavi avi
video/x-sgi-movie SGI movieplayer formatmovie movie