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Teach Yourself Borland Delphi 4 in 21 Days

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- B -

Delphi Internet Resources

Delphi has been around for several years now, so there are some very good sources of information about it available on the Internet. These resources fall into four basic categories: commercial Web sites (including Borland's own Web site), user Web sites, newsgroups, and publications. What follows is a brief description of some of these categories.

Be sure to check out my errata page for the book at www.home.turbopower.com/
~kentr/delphi, as well as the book's Web site for examples and sample code (www.mcp/com/info).

INPRISE Corporation

INPRISE Corporation (formerly Borland International) is the best source of information on Borland products. The INPRISE Web site (www.inprise.com) has the latest news on Delphi, any patches that are available, FAQ pages, and listings of vendors that sell Delphi components or supporting utilities. Be sure to check this site from time to time to see whether there is any new news on Delphi.

Commercial Web Sites

Commercial Web sites are sites that belong to companies that sell Delphi components commercially. Table B.1 contains a partial list of sites (in no particular order) that you might want to check out.


Company Name (Web Address) Description/Features
TurboPower Software (www.turbopower.com) With more than 10 years in the business, TurboPower is the oldest vendor of tools for Borland products. TurboPower specializes in Delphi and C++Builder components and utilities. Its AsyncProfessional is the premier serial communications component package.
Raize Software Solutions (www.raize.com) General-purpose VCL components.
DevSoft (www.dev-soft.com) Home of IP*Works, Internet components for C++Builder and Delphi.
Out and About Productions (www.o2a.com) DTalk speech enabling components.
Skyline Tools (www.imagelib.com) Home of ImageLib, an image manipulation component library.
QuSoft AS (www.qusoft.com) Makers of QuickReport.
TeeChart Pro (www.teemach.com) Home of the TeeChart component.
SCT Associates, Inc. (www.sct-associates.com) Home of the Ace Reporter.
Engineering Objects International (www.inconresearch.com/eoi) Engineering and Scientific components.
Luxent Development Corp. (www.luxent.com) Success Ware, Light Lib, and AS/400 Middleware.

This is by no means a complete list of commercial sites. For a more complete list, refer to the INPRISE Delphi Tools Page at www.inprise.com/delphi/deltools.html.

User Web Sites

The following are Delphi user sites set up by Delphi users and for Delphi users. The sites are listed in no particular order. These pages contain links to other pages, so when you get started, you can enjoy many hours of browsing. In particular, the Delphi Deli has a huge list of links.


Dr. Bob's JBuilder, C++Builder, and Delphi Clinic

The Delphi Deli

The Delphi Super Page

Torry's Delphi Pages

The Delphi Games Creator


INPRISE sponsors newsgroups so that Borland users can help one another with questions about using Borland products. These are private newsgroups that INPRISE has set up for its users. All you have to do is point your newsreader to forums.inprise.com, and you will find thousands of messages in dozens of newsgroups. For complete information, see the Newsgroups page on the INPRISE Web page (www.inprise.com/


There are several Delphi periodical publications. Some of the major publications are
listed here. Most of these sites offer a free trial issue:

Delphi Developer's Journal (The Cobb Group)

Visual Developer (Coriolis Group)

Delphi Developer (Pinnacle Publishing)

Delphi Informant (Informant Communications Group)

Delphi Magazine

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